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How much space is needed? Any living room garage or other room in the house will do, often kids sit on the floor.

Can he perform outdoors? Yes, but some tricks like with the live birds can only be performed it the magician can evaluate the environment first. He will discuss with you but open air shows or parties in a garden are possible. The audience always has to sit in front of him of course, never in a circle or behind the magician regarding the secrets of the profession :-)

Can he teach the kids a trick? Yes, if you want this and the kids are old enough he can teach them a trick.

Is the show suitable for my kids age? Presto has shows for small kids (4 years and up), mixed groups but also for teenagers (with extra cool tricks). Just specify upon making your reservation.

Can he do the show in other languages? Yes, the standard language is English but he can do the show in French, Dutch and German.

teenagers magic.png

What do I need to provide as an organizer?

For his show 5 things are needed: a parking spot nearby to unload, a chair and a table, still water and no audience behind the performer (so no circle or 360° performances).

Preferably indoors but outdoor possible with restrictions.

If your kid has seen a show of him elsewhere, just tell us where and he will bring other tricks and new material.

Magician Presto is ready to turn your event into a succes.

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